Departmental Services

You have several options for getting your files to us. Please refer to the guidelines below. If you have questions, please call one of our Customer Service Representatives at 817-257-7838.

File Formats

We accept both digital and hard copy formats. All jobs must be submitted with a completed Offset Printing/Copy Center Order Form.

  • Digital files:
    • We accept PC and Macintosh files.
    • PDF format (Press Option) is preferred. We also accept Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Publisher, plus other MS Office formats.
    • You may submit files via flash drive, CD, or e-mail to:
    • Files can also be uploaded to the TCU network at:
      • PC files upload instructions
        1. Copy this path \\\dfs1\it_public
        2. Click the Start menu.
        3. Click the All Programs folder
        4. Click the Accessories folder
        5. Select the Run icon.
        6. Paste the path you copied into the Open: field.
        7. Click the OK button
      • For Mac 10.5 files: smb://
      • For Mac 10.6 files: smb://cmnfilecl1/it_public
    • Please provide a hard copy printout at the time of submission.

For more information, please contact one of our Customer Service Representatives at 817-257-7838.